Food in Review 03/21-03/28

This week had a lot of great cooking involved and included a lot of time at home since it was spring break and I got a few days off work 🙂 Colorado was hit hard with an unexpected blizzard but I truly enjoyed spending my time cooking, watching netflix, and hanging out with my husband.


We went to the grocery store and got the massive haul I posted about.  We also grabbed a roasted chicken and items from the salad bar for a quick and easy dinner.


I HEAVILY adapted Half Baked Harvest’s Chili Cashew Shrimp

  • First off, when I went to Sprouts they were out of raw shrimp…. so I used chicken instead
  • Secondly, I swapped the rice noodles for bean thread noodles
  • And lastly I adapted quite a few of the sauces to be paleo friendly



The blizzard hit so I got to make a simple breakfast at home, had leftover Cashew Chicken, and made this AMAZING recipe by PaleOMG This is one of the rare times I followed the recipe without any adaptations (except I only marinated the chicken for 4 hours not 24….)



Another workday morning at home from the snow meant I had time to make a hot breakfast!  I used leftover coconut cauliflower rice from dinner and added cumin and chili powder so a great side to bacon and eggs!  For dinner I made Zenbelly’s Pan Roasted Chicken with Apples and Bacon and a side of butternut and acorn squash.  I mostly followed this recipe, except I cooked it all over the stove rather than in the oven.



I had a few doctors appointments in the morning so I had a quick breakfast of Siggis whole milk yogurt topped with Qi’a grainfree cereal and almond butter. For lunch I went out to Mod Market and had a delicious strawberry and chicken salad and had leftover roasted chicken from the night before for dinner!



For breakfast I made Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix topped with cacao nibs and bananas with a side of eggs.  Dinner, I ended up making Foodie Crush’s Autumn Cobb Salad utilizing the other half of the acorn and butternut squash from Thursday’s dinner.  I also made some bone broth by simmering the leftover chicken with celery, garlic, onion, and bay leaves for the majority of the afternoon and evening.



It was Easter and we went to brunch at a friends house.  We made a gluten free, boozy french toast and they made an assortment of grain free items including a frittata, hash browns, fresh fruit, bacon and eggs. We were stuffed from a late breakfast so we didn’t end up having lunch and made a heavily adapted version of Half Baked Harvest’s One Pan Tusan Quinoa Bake. 




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